LMD Baggage Wrapping Station

LMD Baggage Wrapping

Why do people wrap their luggage? This is our most common question, and the answer is simple. To protect your luggage while it is not in your presence. We may not like to think about it, however the truth is, theft does occur often when you are not with your bags. This service also protects from damage and the introduction of dangerous items. We have repeat customers who will not fly without wrapping their luggage. Pay us a visit, for $11 you can travel with peace of mind, your personal property will be just as you left it.

Located in the SFO International Terminal next to the outside doors.

Open Everyday! 6 am – 11 pm

Phone: (650) 877-0422

Phone: *1112 from airport courtesy phone

email: cf.airport@airporttravelagency.org

Protect your baggage from damage, theft, introduction of dangerous items.
$11 per piece